Leaving my home in Gwithian knowing I wouldn’t be back for at least 36 ish hours felt both scary yet so exciting.
Heading for the towans to start my adventure in the place I am lucky to call my home meant a lot to me.
Winding along the towans in the morning heat feeling excitement that you feel as a small child on Christmas Day combined with feeling free as my wings and the trails unite.
My first stop is Hayle, there are plenty of small independent businesses that I feel so passionately about here being my home town, so I take my time here giving those special people the time they deserve. This run is about them after all.
My mum and brothers children are waiting for me, their cheers are heard as I approach, my first hug stop. I’m only 3 miles in and the sweat is pouring from me already, this is going to be a hot day, just how I like it.

Meeting my pony again at North Quay we stop through Hayle to check into the small independents, forcing people to pose for pictures, lots of giggles and more excitement along the way. Banners greet me at Duckies Hayle as my client and friend stand there cheering.
I’m greeted by Mickee Jeff at the estuary who runs with me for a bit and at Lelant the lovely smiley TJ as I like to call him is waiting to run to st Ives with me. Once again pony is there waiting as my crew before he changes into the support runner from
st Ives to Cape.
The lovely Jenn from st Ives bakery have saved us some vegan pasties and flapjacks for the journey ahead. We stock up with frozen smoothie from raw chocolate pie shop and off we go to the remote trails leading to Cape Cornwall.


These 17.5 miles are my least favourite to be honest. Beautiful coastline combined with brutal technical trails un runnable in places make this a slow section, that combined with the heat and dehydration is a killer.
We meet a new friend on route, Richard Sails, who was on his day 2 hiking from lands end to John O groats! I make him pose for a photo and promise to be in touch when I finish. Meeting friends on the trails is what it’s all about.
Stopping in Zennor backpackers for more water and supplies we head on to the crew stop at Gurnards head where the lovely Carolyn Campbell is waiting for us with water, coconut water and fruit! This is a wonderful sight.
Another crew stop at Pendeen then we are almost there. Almost to the next stop Cape Cornwall where Pony will leave me and pea head and Bert will start their shifts.
This section was a bit of a head mess, Cape never seemed to come. I started to struggle here mentally a bit, when I originally saw Pendeen lighthouse in the distance I thought it was Cape, how the miles start to mess with your head! I soon realised this wasn’t the case and felt instantly stamped on. But Pony by my side and I know that it will all be ok, we will get there eventually. We have run so many trails together, long hard trails, long hard days, back to back brutal days, and always pushing through together, one foot in front of the other, working in unison as egg and pony. We are good at this.
Approaching the Cape finally felt amazing, hearing cheers of Carolyn, pea head, Bert and one other…I knew instantly it was Laura Milwood, bless her to be here.