Day 4 Samara training

Today we walked through jungle to this deserted beach. Getting more time out on our feet in the hottest part of the day.
Using nature’s gym where I can.
Practicing yoga on fallen trees in blazing sun while the pony uses found sticks as a tiger tail to scrape his calf’s. both of us moving, maintaining, stretching and focusing on self care.
This eve we will run again after another late afternoon walk in the hottest part of the day.
We are getting the miles in but also at a mindful pace, no rushing, some running, some walking. Looking after the body and legs as we go.
I’d say today we are both feeling excited and confident that this will be an enjoyable experience while recognising the extent of what it is we are just about to get ourselves into. Just walking in this heat is incredibly hard. But we don’t do things that are easy right!? 🙈
Oh…and forgot…today we saw an armadillo 💜
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