Day 5, full kit on 17km run

Today’s run…full kit on 17km run through mid/late morning heat, finishing passed midday.
No early 5am run for us today but got up at that time anyway, it’s the Pony’s birthday today so we wanted to do something that we both loved to celebrate it…and that’s going on a longer run. Instead of breaking the miles down we did it all together and went on a journey.
Today the legs felt great! No more treacle 😍
The reality of the heat while running kicked in though. It’s flipping hot and things rub! We ran through a river so running a lot of it with wet shoes, but this is key as most days we will be doing that and day 4 is mainly this, so best to get used to it now.
Stopped along the way for a cold ginger beer then a coconut at the side of the road.
Spirits are high today, 2 hours 45 mins out in the blazing heat and that is just a fraction of what we have in store. Keeping things at what we like to call it ‘our happy pace’ this is what we plan to stick to during the race. Not looking to break any records or hit any PBs, just want to run everyday, make the cut offs and run happy and injury free. Faster paced runners will think we are nuts as this means we will be out in that heat for double the time but completing this while enjoying the moment while reducing the risk of injury for us is key. I know that my body works well running days and days in a row if I keep to my happy pace.
Lunch time now and a big plate of falafel and salad is on the menu.
Good day today, nerves are at bay and legs don’t feel like I want to chop them off…yippy.
Over and out 💜💜💜
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