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Outdoor training sessions using body weight, slam balls, battle ropes. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on our mental health. It can help relieve stress, improve memory, help aid better sleep and boosts your overall mood. Focusing on physical training as a potential tool and coping strategy, to help improve both physical and mental health. Bringing people together who are on a similar journey, to connect and work alongside each other, while being given permission to spend an hour on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Using body weight exercises, the participants can build a good strong relationship with their bodies as a tool to support their emotional health. A good run or workout after a tough day can help quieten the internal dialogue and reduce feelings of despair, which in turn can make us more productive to use exercise as a coping strategy in times of increased stress. Using weighted equipment such as slam balls and battle ropes allow participants to release emotions in a controlled, liberating way as an alternative or alongside talking therapies. Men tend to find ‘opening up’ through talking harder, and often a physical training approach can have a similar feeling of release. These sessions will offer a safe space to explore ’emotional release and connection through physical activity’.

This is a socially prescribed project. So, attendees to speak to their link worker at the GP surgeries, speak to their local support groups, Volunteer Cornwall Community Makers or to contact me for more information.