Night Section with Pea Head and Bert. 100 miles to support local

So support runners ready, pony ready to leave. This felt both exciting for the next chapter but so sad to not be running with my pony, but knowing that at dawn I would see him again made it feel less of a blow.
Off the three of us went like excited children hitting the section we all reccied together only a couple of weeks ago.
Swooping trails, beautiful views and the sun still beating down on us as the 3 of us weave to Lands end.
Greeting us at Lands end is Carolyn who is still crewing and friends that have come to surprise me with hugs, flags, smoothies and coffee.


A moment to drink hot coffee and tend to the feet and the night section begins. Bert now takes over from Carolyn and the egg and pea head are left alone to run the next 34 miles together! The light fades and the birds swop shifts with the bats. The moon is early, full and orange, it’s light powers us as we move along the coast with love and respect for this magical gift we have been given, the ability to run like this on these paths of dreams.
The night section is exciting, it’s tough, challenging yet soothing in its stillness. Bert arrived many times, his head torch shining as he runs to us from his crew spot.
We eat throughout the night and stop off at businesses to check in via Facebook while they are shut for the night.
Porthcurno cafe have left a box of bottled water and vegan flapjacks for us, we camp out for 20 minutes enjoying a break and the delights they have supplied.
Bert cooks hot vegan pizza, wraps us in big puffy jackets as we stop to keep us warm and tops up our packs of water and supplies.
Hallucinations start appearing themselves as glow worms, when in fact they are horses! This is then followed by delirious uncontrollable laughter which repeat throughout the night in waves


The road section from Mousehole to Marazion was tougher than tough, not a lover of road anyway it seemed to never end. And then, as approaching the nature reserve opposite Jordan’s cafe Marazion I can hear the birds start to wake, it’s still dark out but they are alerting eachother that it’s almost time to relieve the bats of the night shift and it’s going to be their time to look over me as I continue my journey.
I sob at the end of the road section as pea head tends to my feet and Bert hands me a green tea, I just sit there and cry, I’m not really sure why, I just cry. I’ve been on my feet now for almost 18 hours, and I’m 60 miles in…its soon new territory for me, I’ve never run passed 64 miles…it’s the unknown.
As we approach Prussia the light is changing, this is my favourite trail, and now I can see the path ahead, all welcoming and swoopy.
Praa sands approaches and I’m both excited yet sad too. Excited to see pony again, but I know this is where pea heads run journey with me ends, 34 miles through the night with your running wife is a special thing, and knowing she wouldn’t be with me for the next section filled me with mixed emotions. But Bert is taking over for the next 5 miles until the egg and pony reunite on the trails again. Berts been running and crewing now for 13 hours and stills looks fresh as a daisy as he runs to Porthleven with me. This man is a star! His attention to detail and warm heart are a winning combination. We felt safe knowing he was there through the night watching our backs and tending to our needs.


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